We believe that our grantee partners have shared issues and valuable experiences that they can learn from each other. Additionally there are many youth led programs around the country that are eager to share their expertise. As such, the PFF Mini-Grant Program seeks to support reciprocal learning and movement building by providing additional resources to our partners to support their participation in peer exchanges, attendance at relevant trainings and conferences and implementation of collaborative projects or events.

Mini-Grant opportunities are only open to current PFF grantee partners.  All requests must be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance and approved ahead of time.  Please contact Amarilis Pullen for additional information and to receive a mini grant application.

Peer Exchanges:

The peer exchange opportunity provides up to $500 of reimbursement funds for young people to plan a site visit and exchange with a peer program that shares joint issues and are addressing similar issues within their programs. Funds will cover transportation and networking or meeting costs.

Trainings + Conferences:

The Perrin Family Foundation recognizes the value of training and conferences to advance youth led organizing and social change work. Our current grantee partners can apply for up to $3,000 to support their travel and participation in relevant learning opportunities. The funding is intended to be used to cover transportation, lodging (if out of state) and training costs. Youth will be invited to share reflections and teach back new skills to their peers.

Collaborative Projects:

A Collaborative project is the opportunity for grantee partners to request up to $5,000 of funding for a youth led project which is a collaborative initiative with another PFF grantee partner or other closely aligned non-profit organization. Youth from both programs will jointly identify a shared issue for change, participate in research to better understand the root causes of the issue and create an action plan to see their change goals create impact in the community. A short application will need to be completed submitted for approval and youth participants will be invited to share reflections and teach back to PFF grantee partners.