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PFF Grant Making Overview:

All young people deserve to grow and live in safe, healthy and just communities, where they have equitable access to the resources and opportunities they need to support their physical, emotional, educational, and economic well-being. The Perrin Family Foundation’s grant making priorities are informed by our deeply held belief that youth become stronger – and communities become safer, healthier and more just – when young people’s voices are valued, respected, and engaged as equals in the decision-making processes that impact their lives and communities.

The Perrin Family Foundation maintains its long-standing commitment to supporting the healthy growth and development of young people in under-resourced communities across Connecticut, and we believe that young people grow and develop in uniquely powerful ways when they have opportunities to work in partnership with adults to create social change. We believe that young people’s voices are inherently valuable. Creating opportunities for youth to share their truths, question the status quo, exercise leadership and take action to create change will not only pave the way for young people’s lifelong participation and leadership in the civic sphere, it also has the potential to transform our youth and communities in the here and now.

We see the development of youth leadership and positive community change as mutually reinforcing and inextricably linked. When youth voices are authentically engaged, the communities, institutions and systems that shape their lives become more inclusive and responsive. And when those communities, institutions and structures are held accountable for offering equitable opportunities and resources, then all youth will truly be able to realize their full potential.