Perrin Family Foundation envisions a Connecticut where young people are vital leaders in creating safe, healthy and just communities.

While there was a stark increase in young ppl #voting, there are still many barriers to youth participating in #elections.

How can you have an impact on young #voters and in increase access to casting a ballot tomorrow?

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“There’s a real opportunity to support young people power - young people have the power to flip elections. It’s about how we get organized as a sector to best support them in this moment.” - Rachel Gilmer, .@Dreamdefenders

Our final panel is “Spotlight: Strengthening Youth Power in Florida” with Rachel Gilmer at .@Dreamdefenders and David Caicedo at Florida Student Power.

“It’s not helpful to make isolated tables of youth organizations, we need to be at larger tables where the money is and statewide and national organizations and foundations can have the backs of local organizations” - Sarah Audelo, .@alliance4youth

What is something that you need help with, but can't find help for? Is there a resource that you can't find but wish you had?

Our next panel is on “Infrastructure & Power Building Programs” with Sarah Audelo .@alliance4youth, Amanda Mayos .@PPGenAction, H. Drew Galloway st .@MOVE_texas, and Clarissa Unger, Students Learn Students Vote.

“Young people are often thought of as targets to drive out [for votes] rather than drivers of change” - Reginald Bolding, .@AzC4C

“Issues not candidates is an important point - there’s something about participating in a system that’s not built for you that just sits in your bones” - Adrian Reyna, .@UNITEDWEDREAM

Next up is a panel on “Movements Leading Civic Participation” with Adrian Reyna of @UNITEDWEDREAM, Roksana Borzouei of Student Power, Tiffany Dena Loftin @NAACP Youth and College Division, and Reginald Bolding of Arizona Coalition for Change.

Today, we’re attending the “One Year Out: Youth Civic Engagement in 2020” gathering to learn across state lines about how to bring in new resources and share about the work groups, people, and movements are building around this work.


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