Perrin Family Foundation envisions a Connecticut where young people are vital leaders in creating safe, healthy and just communities.

Our new lawsuit in Georgia is about the integrity of our elections and making sure Georgia election officials #CountEveryVote.

It's that simple.

To break apart the cornerstone of white supremacy... “our job is to think and act in humanizing terms.” -Scot Nakagawa @change_lab #FacingRace2018

“Liberation looks like healthy human beings, first of all”—@TananariveDue reminding the room to take care of ourselves while doing the work. #FacingRace2018

@yoditmj "how do we look at what is real. Microagressions, racism is real for leaders of color" #FacingRace2018 @BldingMovement

Happy #ElectionDay🙌🏼🔥🔥🗳!! Show us how you are voicing your #Vote! Tweet at us @CommsUnited or use the hashtags:



We are engaging in a session on Financial Resilience at the Program Officer’s Network for CCP @ctphilanthropy @rodneywrites @fma4nonprofits #Philanthropy #PON #CCP

Closing out #EASJ2018 with our youth plenary and this beautiful original poetry....”The ocean represents me, like the ocean I will never stop fighting.” #ElevateTheGenius #EducationAnew

"How do talk to people about a larger vision for the future of the state...It's not just enough to vote...How do we get more people to join the movement?" Rachel Gilmer @Dreamdefenders


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